Fun is a human feeling

Our ultimate objective is to create games for gamers who loves gaming. We believe that fun is not the result of a mathematics formula that should be applied to every product, but the gift of heart-forged games realized with passion.

To achieve this, we think that players should be at the center of any decision, as we make games with our player hearts.

Our projects


CivTown was available on facebook, and was about managing your village and playing exciting narrative campaigns through 6 eras. The game was a turn-based strategy game, with village and troops building, research and units upgrade.

Game captures:

World of Humans

World of Humans (temporary name) is a mixed concept between Management and RTS games.

It offers you the opportunity of managing a civilization from prehistoric ages to future times.
The games covers all aspects of managing a civilization like:
- Founding cities
- Managing natural resources or animals
- Assigning city population to resource production, technological research, financial income, etc
- Producing buildings, units (air/sea/land), and wonders
- Watching the cities grow with visual impacts on every decision
- Take decisions on every aspect of your civilization (slavery, military, religiousā€¦)
- Researching among 200 technologies ranging from prehistoric to future era
- Manage other civilization relationship through diplomacy, trading or war
- Climatic events
- Apocalypse scenarii (climatic disaster, nuclear war, zombie virus, robotic or biological outbreakā€¦), caused by player or IA decisions
- Future technologies and human evolution possibilities

The game is fully playable in realtime.

Video (WIP):

Game captures (WIP):

Check our Kickstarter page at World of Humans Kickstarter

The company

Founded in 2017, Squishy Brains Studio is built around a small but efficient elite team composed of experimented and passionate developers, artists and designers. The company purpose is game development, but secures its activity by providing more "conventional" development services in various technologies (.NET, Java, SQL), which guarantees that no project will be abandoned due to lack of funds.


Founder of Squishy Brains Studio, Timour BLARY has been developing games since age 11, following the industry technologies evolution from Basic, Turbo Pascal and Assembler, C++ / DirectX / HLSL, Flash AS3 then Unity and other modern tools. He worked in the video game industry in Paris studios during several years on DS, Wii, PC, PS2 and PS3 platforms, and as a full-stack technical consultant in other domains, giving him a previous knowledge of processes and constraints of development projects. He personnally monitors every projects of the studio to ensure a maximum efficiency on any step of the project. His ultimate objective is to make players have fun playing the studio games, before any other consideration.

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